Application Development

In today’s interconnected world, applications play a pivotal role in the delivery of technical and vocational education and training.

At AG2 Design, our passion lies in crafting platforms that empower trainers and engage learners. Our expertise spans from creating intuitive Learning Management Systems (LMS) to incorporating advanced AI technologies in content creation. Dive into our suite of application services to discover how we’re embracing digital learning.

Learning Management Systems

Harness the power of comprehensive LMS solutions with AG2 Design. We have developed platforms that are crafted to facilitate seamless learning, administrative management, and in-depth reporting.

Features & Benefits:
• Customisable user interfaces for a branded experience.
• Scalable architecture to accommodate growing learner bases.
• Advanced tracking and reporting for informed decision-making.

Content Design

Modern training content requires a digital touch. Our content design systems allow trainers to craft, curate, and distribute interactive content that resonates with the 21st-century learner.

Features & Benefits:
• User-friendly design tools for non-technical educators.
• Multi-device compatibility, ensuring learners can access content anytime, anywhere.
• Integration capabilities with various LMS platforms.

Curriculum Planning Applications

Navigating educational standards can be complex. AG2 Design’s curriculum planning development is specially tailored to support education and training providers typically inspected by OfSTED.

Features & Benefits:
• Streamlined curriculum mapping and sequencing.
• Built-in compliance checks for OfSTED standards.
• Collaboration tools for joint curriculum development and review.

AI Integration in Content Creation

The future of content design is intelligent and adaptive. AG2 Design is at the cutting edge, actively working on integrating AI into learning content creation software to offer dynamic, personalised learning experiences.

Features & Benefits:
• Adaptive content that evolves with learner progress.
• AI-driven insights for content refinement.
• Automation in content generation, reducing time and costs.

Engage the Future of Digital Learning